Erdig-expressiv: ‚Tera Synth – Modular Analog Synthesizer‘ (iPad)

TOPTIPP! Die neunte iOS-App des deutschen Herstellers VirSyn. Tera ist modular, bietet über 900 Presets und ein eher traditionelles Interface. Exzellente Soundqualität, mächtig und überkomplett ausgestattet. Hervorragender Arpeggiator. Zitat aus dem Store:

tera-synth_ios-app_homescreen-iconExplore new sound spaces with Tera Synth that go beyond the emulation of synthesizer legends. Use the power of analog and digital synthesis combined with new modules for physical modelling. Wireless patching of modules combined with an intelligible modulation routing simplifies the development of new synthesizer designs from scratch.

Distortion effect, delay/chorus/phaser and reverb effects give your sounds the final polishing. Tera Synth gives your music an individual character with its unique fat sound. The well-designed algorithms and the economical modular structure provides you with a comparatively high voice yield. Precise timing with the unique built-in arpeggiator let you feel the rhythm.

Tera Synth supports Audiobus and Inter-App-Audio for integration with other music apps.

Modular Analog Synthesis

  • Modular synthesizer with free connections between modules
  • 25 sound modules
  • 4 low frequency oscillators
  • 4 standard ADSR envelope generators
  • 4 multi segment envelopes with tempo sync
  • 64 time/level segments per envelope
  • Monophonic or polyphonic with 16 voices
  • More than 920 factory presets, unlimited user presets can be shared


  • Chorus with four delay lines
  • 8 pole analog phaser
  • Distortion effect with tube/tape emulation
  • Stereo echo/delay effect
  • Hi end reverberation unit


  • Play melodies live with the onscreen keyboard, drag fingers for slides and vibrato
  • Optionally use CoreMIDI compatible hardware keyboard
  • Dozens of scales selectable
  • Variable keyboard layout for scale optimized playing

Full featured programmable arpeggiator

  • Uses programmable sequences with up to 32 steps
  • Can trigger single notes and chords
  • Unique randomizer generates arpeggios with 100% usability
  • 32 arpeggios included, unlimited user arpeggios possible
  • For each step you can program tie, accent, transposition and note order


  • Audiobus compatible (input slot)
  • Inter App Audio
  • Audio pasteboard, copy audio recordings to clipboard for use with other apps
  • Exchange user presets with file sharing in iTunes
  • Support for virtual MIDI input connections
  • MIDI learn functionality
  • Publish loops and recordings online with the SoundCloud audio platform

Zitat beendet. Website des Herstellers VirSyn mit einwandfreiem PDF-Manual (50 Seiten). Die interessante Diskussion im Audiobus-Forum trägt bestimmt zur Entscheidungsfindung bei, ob man das Teil kaufen soll oder nicht (ich habe natürlich zugeschlagen).

Test am iPad Air, iPad Air 2 und iPad Pro mit Referenzkopfhörern: 1A! Die Sounds haben tatsächlich etwas fabelhaft Erdiges, Geerdetes. Sehr analoger Output möglich. Völlig abgehoben. Sphärisch, crazy… alles ist da drin. Von gehauchten, geheimnisvollen Flächen über spooky Effekte bis zu durchsetzungsfähigen, ausdrucksstarken Leads. Die „SYN“- und „MOD“-Bildschirme lassen sich seitlich verschieben.

Frühes User-Review im U.S.-Store:

900 presets, modular noodling and excellent effects all add up to an experience that feels virtually limitless in terms of sonic creativity. If you’ve wanted to dabble with modular synthesis this is the perfect place to start. 10/10

Addictive, microTera and Cube are a lot more similar sounding to each other than to Tera. I’d also say they are more distinctive sounding compared to other synths available.

I guess what Tera brings to the table that’s different is the waveguide synthesis and the 4 multistage envelopes. I’m liking it a lot so far and glad I bought it. Though once I heard the demo I was pretty much convinced I wanted it.

2014 erschienen, die jüngste Aktualisierung kam heuer (2018) im Juli. Aktion = 10,99 € (statt 21,99 €). 51,6 MB. Offizielles Video und Link ins Store:

Tera Synth

Rossau Blogposting Aktualisierung. Now, how cool ist that? Es folgt ein neues und absolut hörenswertes Demo/Review-Video:

In Aktion sind auch viele andere Apps von VirSyn, nämlich Addictive Pro (siehe nächstes Rossau-Blogposting), Cube Synth, VoxSyn, microTERA, ReSlice, Tap Delay, AudioReverb, Emo Chorus, AudoEffX und Poseidon Synth.

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