‚PhotoTangler Collage Maker‘ + Geometrie spielerisch lernen ‚Pythagorea‘

iTunes-Link: PhotoTangler Collage Maker (iPhone, 0,9 MB, ungetestet, 3,49 €). „PhotoTangler Collage Maker is a unique image blending app that instantly turns photographs into beautiful works of art… it’s simple, fun, and the results look like magic!“ Überdurchschnittlich hoch bewertet im U.S.-Store. Kurzfristig im Gratis-Sonderangebot. [Edit 3. Juni 2017: Aktion beendet.] Abbildungen👆👇

TIPP! iTunes-Link: Pythagorea: Geometry on Squared Paper (Universal, 23,8 MB). Spielerisch lernen. 250 in Kategorien eingeteilte Aufgaben zum Aufmalen. Store-Kategorie Bildung, unterstützt jedoch auch Apples Game Center! Momentan in befristeter Gratis-Aktion.

pythagorea_ios-app_homescreen-iconConstruct and explore different geometric objects: squares, parallelograms, perpendiculars, angle bisectors, tangents, and others. You do not need any complex instruments, even a compass; just connect points with straight lines. It looks very easy and the first levels can be solved even by children who never study geometry. But soon you will find that the same problems become much more complicated while the object position varies.

The last levels require a deep thinking, intuition, and comprehension. Though, they still can be solved with just a few lines.

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