Fotokopierer und PDF-Erzeuger ‚Smart PDF Scanner‘

TIPP! iTunes-Link: Smart PDF Scanner: Scan Documents and Receipts to PDF (iPhone, 5,6 MB, Full-Premium, 1,99–4,99 €). Die App aus der Store-Kategorie Wirtschaft ist befristet kostenlos zu haben. Bietet eine interne Dateiverwaltung, aber kein OCR. Zitat (gekürzt) aus dem Store:

It automatically detects the page edges and corrects for perspective. Pick full-color scans, grayscale, or black-and-white for maximum legibility. FlashAssist can take perfect scans even in poor lighting conditions. You can even change the correction and enhancement settings after the fact.

smart-pdf-scanner_ios-app_homescreen-iconSmart PDF Scanner uses a simple tagging system that is much easier and more powerful than the regular folder system. File documents under custom color-coded categories with just a couple taps. Browse and sort files by category with a couple more. Export scans as PDFs or images, and email or print directly from the App. Files can also be shared via AirDrop (iOS 7+ or OS X Yosemite required), or sent to another App.

Easily upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud services with the corresponding third party App. Send PDFs and images to services such as Evernote or OneNote to take advantage of their OCR capabilities. Scan articles and send them to iBooks to read on the go.

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