Objekte in Fotos durch selektive Farben hervorheben ‚Depello‘ + Farb-Tool für Grafiker ‚Colore‘

Mit Hilfe der App Depello lassen sich bestimmte Objekte in einem Foto dramatisch hervorheben. Der Fantasie und Kreativität sind kaum Grenzen gesetzt. Extrem leicht zu bedienen und schnell. In wenigen Sekunden ist ein Bild aus dem Archiv (oder aus der eingebauten Kamerafunktion) in Graustufen umgewandelt.

depello_ios-app_homescreen-iconJene Farbe, die man behalten möchte, einfach berühren und eventuell den Farbumfang justieren (Schieberegler), fertig! Unterstützt 3D-Touch und 3D-Peek/Pop im Bilderalbum (gilt für die jüngsten iPhones), Multitasking unter iOS 9 (iPad Air 2 und iPad Pro) sowie Ausrichtung/Haltung im Hochkant- und Querformat. Die App erschien Anfang des Jahres und ist momentan gratis. Uneingeschränkte und werbefreie Premium-Vollversion. Universal, 3,1 MB. Link ins Store:

Depello – selective color highlighter and grayscale splash effects editor

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 1

iTunes-Link: Colore: explore and choose colors for design (Universal, 7,7 MB, 1,99 €) ist ein Farben-Browser und -Viewer. Gedacht für Grafiker, Web-Autoren, Designer und andere Spezialisten.

This app gives you a set of tools to work with, explore and choose colors.

Initially targeted at a technical audience of web graphics and designers, Colore has been enriched with a set of functions that make it useful for anyone dealing with colors!

You can easily browse lists of colors (named css/web colors, crayon colors and wiki colors) and view any color fullscreen on your device. The list is searchable, orderable and filtrable by hue.

By selecting a color you can instantly access variations, relations and similar colors. Variations show 9 lighter shades, 9 darker shades, 9 saturated shades, 9 desaturated shapes and 30 monochromatic shades. Relations contain complementary shade, 12 analogous shades, triad and tetrad. Similar colors show the three closer shades in the various color lists featured by the app.

colore_ios-app_homescreen-iconWith the “color picker” you can input RGB, HSL, HSV and HEX codes. If you need more inspiration from the real world or from existing designs, use the “grab from picture” feature to extract the dominant color and a colors palette from an image stored in your device or coming directly from the camera or from an URL on the net.

Colore also has the concept of “palette”, a group of colors. While browsing and exploring colors, you can save shades to named palettes or to a generic notebook and access them later. Any color can be saved in different palettes. Items can be copied and moved between palettes with a simple interface. The set of the last 100 colors you have seen is always available. With the “palette generator” feature you can generating a palette (up to 11 colors) starting from a main color, with various algorithms in RGB and HSL spaces.

Once you have discovered interesting shades of color and palettes, you can easily share them with a simple link, which you can copy or send by email directly from Colore. Anyone with an internet connection will be able to access your color or combination.

TIPP! Weitere Details in der iTunes-Produktbeschreibung und auf der Homepage des Herstellers.

Alternative hier im Rossau-Blog (nicht in Aktion): Farb-Tool für Designer ‚Color Companion – Analyzer & Converter‘.

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