Extremsport-Simulator ‚SuperPro Snowboarding’ (Universal)…

Bei so einem Extremsport-Spiel, das auf Tricks und Stunts beruht, gibt es zwei wichtige Dinge, die passen müssen: Das System der Punktevergabe und die Simulation der physikalischen Verhältnisse. Und beides ist hier sehr gut gelungen. Wikipedia: Snowboard. Zitat aus dem Store:

superpro_snowboarding_ios-game_homescreen-iconSuperPro Snowboarding is iOS’s ultimate freestyle snowboarding game. Do you have what it takes to become number one?

Start as an amateur and try and make it as a pro! Win contests, earn sponsorships, do photo shoots to build notoriety, and, if you’re good enough, you’ll get invited to the SuperPro Games! Outfit your rider with authentic gear.

Epic Moments. Drop from a heli, gap a building, land a quad cork. Authentic snowboard tricks. Grab, tweak, spin, flip, slide, press & hand drag. Superpro controls: You decide how fast to spin and flip! Combo trick system. 1,000’s of trick combinations.

4 event types: Slopestyle, Big Air, Rail Jams and Backcountry. 31 levels from Alaska to urban spots – slay them all. Go head to head with turn-based multiplayer. Fresh new challenges every day! Video replays. Watch your replays and share them online.

Game Center support. Online Leaderboards & Achievements. iCloud  enabled. Play on one device and continue on another. No in-app purchase is required; you can play and complete the entire game without having to purchase anything.

Zum letzten Punkt (es geht um die angebotenen „Top In-App-Käufe“) schreibt das Spieleportal touchArcade in seinem ausführlichen Review: „The game offers IAP in the form of a currency doubler and coin packs, but I ended up not needing any of them at all. For the impatient, they’re there, at least.“ Entwarnung.

Das Spiel erschien Anfang 2014 und wurde zuletzt gestern aktualisiert. Nun erstmals in Gratis-Aktion, Preis vorher: 1,99 €. Rossau-Debüt. Text-Link zum Download der 128 MB:

SuperPro Snowboarding


TIPP! Cyber Runner 2 (Universal, 70 MB, erstmals: 1,99 €, Rossau-Debüt). „Enter the Flow State: Cyberrunner 2 is an intense 3D racer. Test your skills, avoid moving and rotating obstacles and jump over abysses on your way through cyberspace! Smooth 3D graphics with full 60 fps. Animated track boundaries, obstacles and bridges. Animated clouds and day/night transitions. Simple controls (accelerometer and touch). 6 difficulty levels. Daily levels that stay the same for 1 day. Game Center with 6 online leaderboards and 18 achievements. No ads, no in-app purchases.“

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