‚Arctic Pro‘ Subtractive Synthesizer/Vocoder (iPad Retina)

Be rude. Be rough. Be bold. Be tough!

TIPP! Analoge Modellierung. Achtstimmige Polyphonie. Effekte. Arpeggiator. Sequencer. Keyboard. Inter-App Audio. Audiobus. MIDI. Live phrase recorder. Diverse Sharing-Methoden. Extremely wide & fat sounds. Mit tuneable und mixable Unisono für jeden der beiden HyperOscillators – unabhängig voneinander. Fantastische Preset-Collection. Zitat (Teil 1) von der Produktseite:

arctic-prosynth_ios-app_homescreen-iconArctic Pro Synthesizer/Vocoder is a modern subtractive synthesizer. It does not aim to accurately model or re-create vintage synths of yesteryear. Instead Arctic Pro offers the contemporary synthesist a rude, rough, bold and tough palette of sound to get stuck into. Including two massively fat HyperOscillators, dual filters, and easy to re-order master effects. While the Vocoder, used in conjunction with a suitable microphone, adds an extra dimension to your musical performance.

  • Hersteller-Website mit Listening Gallery
  • Review von KeyboardMag.com: „Another excellent analog emulation for your iPad rig.“
  • Review bei SmiteMatter: „A powerful in your face synth that can get loud and rude. Like your crazy old ex, but this is in a good way! I say get it. Why not? Different is good.“
  • Music App Blog: Arctic ProSynth music app review – aggressive iOS synth app from One Red Dog Media – „If you are a serious iOS synth collector, then Arctic ProSynth is well worth adding to your collection but it might not bring something radically new to your party. However, for wannabe programmers looking for something that combines good sounds with a (relatively) painless learning curve, Arctic ProSynth is a great place to start.“

Ab iPad 2 und iOS 5.1. Bewertung durch die zahlenden User im U.S.-Store: 4,75/5 (22). Seit Ende 2013 im Store zum Preis von 8,99 €, nun erstmals in Aktion (offenbar nur für wenige Stunden): 1,79 €. [Edit 2. 5. 2014: Aktion beendet. Nach wie vor in Aktion: Addictive Synth, s. Rossau.] 42,4 MB. Link zur Downloadseite:

Arctic ProSynth

Es folgen ein paar Demo-Videos.

Zitat aus dem Store (Teil 2):


Combine two HyperOscillators and one Sub Oscillator for some seriously fat sounds. Layer up to 8 oscillators in unison to create very thick and powerful tones. Spread detune and Mix these separate oscillators in real-time. More than just a „SuperSaw“ – it’s also a Super-square and Super-triangle.

Powerful Presets

Legendary sound designer John ‘Skippy’ Lehmkuhl has exclusively designed the factory presets. John has worked as a professional sound designer since 1988 for Korg—making patches, combinations, drum kits as well as creating the sample data for almost every synth Korg has released since the M1. If you have owned one of these historic synthesizers you have heard John’s presets.


Arctic Pro includes everything you need to record and share your audio and MIDI with others. Live record to WAV and MIDI files. Use AudioCopy, open audio directly in apps, or share with Kymatica AudioShare. Presets and Banks can be emailed and transferred via Wi-Fi and iTunes Files Sharing. And of course we also support Audiobus.


  • Synthesis: analog modelling
  • Polyphony: up to 4 voices
  • HyperOscillators: 2 per voice, alias free, saw, triangle and square with pulse width, hard sync, ring mod, noise generator, sub-oscillator
  • Filter: 2 multi-mode resonating filter with 4 filter types and variable routing
  • Envelopes: mod, filter and amp ADSR envelopes with adjust curve
  • Modulation: 2 LFOs with multiple wave shapes, sample and hold, 3 routable destinations per LFO, independently sync-able
  • Effects: stereo master effect processors with adjustable order: 3-band EQ, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Vocoder, Delay, Reverb
  • Arpeggiator: classic arpeggiator with octave shift, MIDI-sync-able
  • Sequencer: 16 x 4 gated step sequencer with multiple modulation destinations, MIDI-sync-able
  • Keyboard: glissando, scroll, multi-touch poly pitch bend and aftertouch
  • Works with Wizdom Music’s Geo Synthesizer continuous pitch bend
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch for use with CME Xkey


  • Inter-App Audio for iOS 7
  • Audiobus
  • AudioCopy 2.0
  • MIDI Learn
  • Live phrase recorder with audio and MIDI export
  • File and patch sharing via iTunes File Sharing, e-mail and Wi-Fi
  • Supports external MIDI in and out via CoreMIDI Networking and USB with the Camera Connection Kit
  • Audio background operation
  • Virtual MIDI Ports
  • Open Music App Collaboration compliant

What’s new in Arctic Pro Synth v1.1:

  • Inter-App Audio for iOS 7
  • AudioCopy 2.0
  • Increased polyphony to 8 voices
  • Dynamic voice allocation based on available CPU
  • Audiobus SDK update
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Ende des Zitats.

Kurztest am iPad Air mit AKG K501 Kopfhörern: Bin mit ein paar Dutzend der Preset-Patches durch und ziemlich beeindruckt. Technisch einwandfrei. Durch Betätigung der „Unison“-Taste kann man den Sounds noch mehr Druck und Variation verleihen. Insgesamt dunkel bis aggressiv. Perkussive Elemente.

Auch die anderen Apps des Herstellers beachten! Alle derzeit in Aktion.

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